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101 Lawson Rd
Sunnyvale, Tx 75183
Fifth exit on Highway 80 eastbound past Freeway 635. or
Going East on I-20 first exit past Beltline Rd go North on Lawson Rd. Auction barn is just before Highway 80


Remaining Sales for 2013

November 14
December 12

Lawson Rd is now open from highway 80 to I-20.

Here at Dallas County Horse Sale, we are dedicated to selling horses. We have thousands of people a year who rely on us to get their horses sold.

Internet Horse Market vs Auction Horse Market

Internet marketing is not for everyone. Selling horses on the internet require picture taking, videos and uploading them on the internet. Not to mention adding your horse to complicated websites. There is also no telling if, or when your horse will be sold. There are many "no shows" and "tire kickers" that will waste your time. Bring your horse to us, let us help you sell him and receive an offer based on market value. Receive a check the same day, or drop your horse off and we will mail the check!

Thinking of purchasing a horse from the internet? You will drive the wheels off your truck trying to find a horse. Or you can come to one place, and pay less money. Sellers set their own prices on the internet, their asking price is mostly based on sentimental value, NOT MARKET VALUE. That is the biggest difference on internet horses, and auction horses. The market sets the prices at an auction.



Welcome to the Dallas County Horse Sale and Arena website. Our sale barn is host to auctions, arena rentals, on-site Veterinarian (during auction) and we'll even rent the whole facility to you for your own auction. Browse through our website for information on all this plus more. Always feel free to contact us with any question or comments. We will be more than happy to assist you.  Also, check out our Events. Monthly, we will post all up coming events in which the public is more than welcome to join us in. Don't forget to sign our guest book while you're here.

    The doors to this barn were first opened in 1960 when a young Ed Vance envisioned a facility for horses to be sold at auction. His business grew to what it has become today -  an auction in which horses, tack, trucks, horse trailers, etc are auctioned off once a month. He has built an outdoor arena which is for rent for roping and heading competitions. Ed continues his entrepreneurship with trading skills and is conducting business daily. Feel free to contact him to discuss whatever needs you may have concerning his business.

Upcoming Schedule of Events

We are proud to announce that we are now having sales every 2nd Thursday of the month!  The sale will start at 7pm, you can bring horses as early as 1pm. If you need to bring theme earlier, just give me a call! 214 793 2654


Email Updates!

If you would like to receive emails about our upcoming sales and events, please send an email to our website developer. Click Here to send an email, and she will add you to the list.

Don't forget to book your rental on the NEW outdoor arena!  Slots are filling up quick, so call early for your specific date!

Please CLICK HERE if you would like to visit Canton Horse Sale's website. Canton Horse Sale is a horse auction that is held every first Monday of the  month. They are located just north of Canton. They often have special catalog sales and offer a nice selection of performance, trail, breeding stock, colts, gaited and all kinds of other horses.
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